For the “15th year ceremony “of the telecommunication company Telenet, ACT lighting design once again successfully collaborated with Luc Petit Creation to develop a unique spectacle. Escape-events agency produced an exceptional show putting forward the talents of the whole creative team. The concept design of this show consisted of a wide range of dance and music performances along with some spectacular acrobatic acts as only Luc Petit can produce.

The original set design combined two stages (6×6 and 4×4 meters) constructed on the water and a screen (12×6 square meters). The crucial role of the lighting design was to enhance the scenography by playing with water reflection of light, creating truly special effects. At the same time, ACT ensured the harmonization between video projections and the music played during the show, enriching the live performances of the artists on the two stages.

The lighting design which expressed Telenet’s corporate identity and its strong values, was catered to each scene’s specificity, rhythm and message, while highlighting the unity of the whole content of the show, in particular with the surrounding water.

Client Telenet
Producer Escape-events
Director Luc Petit Création
Year 2011
Country Belgium