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Mons 2015, capitale européenne de la culture


Le beffroi de Mons pique un phare

Mons Beffroi

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Mons 2015

Mons – Le beffroi brille de mille feux pour Mons 2015


Vous l’avez peut-être remarqué en levant les yeux vers le beffroi: il brille désormais de mille feux. Plus de 150 projecteurs de lampes LED ont été installés tout le long de la colonne durant 2 semaines. Cet habillage lumineux restera en place durant toute l’année 2015. Il a été imaginé par Koert Vermeulen, light-designer anversois qui conçoit des installations comme celles-là partout dans le monde. Le nouveau visage du beffroi a été inauguré ce dimanche soir 4 janvier.

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Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit

Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store


Nationa(a)l is back and this year with Lighting Design & Digital Arts disciplines !

Young belgian talents unite & answer the open call !
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Job Offer Project Designer / Senior Designer

- ACTLD works in 3 different sectors, entertainment, art &architecture, our needs are a bit different from traditional LD offices
– Languages are a must, at least 2 languages is mandatory, English must be one of them, and your written skills must be very good in that. If you have French on top, that is golden, and if you have additional languages on top you go for Diamond.
– Skills must include Acad, Photoshop, Indesign, Office tools, Mac or PC, we welcome both. Knowledge of the basic Web 2.0 tools are a must, as are social media and the collaborative tools
– If your angle is architecture, then Dialux, Sketchup, hand sketching and some graphic skills are highly appreciated. If you are more entertainment orientated, then Video soft like Final Cut Pro and the Adobe toolbox like After FX is a proven advantage. 3D software gets you a step forward. And knowledge of lighting console’s like Grand MA, E:Que and others make you almost to good to resist.
– Passion for this industry is a major driving force. Going away to other countries is a must, especially the more exotic locations. Frequent travel is a part of you and you always have a bag ready next to your desk to depart in a moment’s notice
– A master’s degree in Lighting Design at one of the better schools (Wismar, KTH, …) is a basic requirement for the archi guys.Or you have at least 5 years of experience in Lighting Design in a similar LD studio. Show us your need for adaption and your aptitude for flexibility.
– You can handle stress, are good tempered, have good social skills, can work on 10 different tasks at once and still be focused on 1 thing. You can lead your team, and follow your directors. You can cope with difficult clients and ignorent suppliers. You are a partner in the project team, you share knowledge and go the extra mile to get the job done and perform always above the expectations.
– You are interested in technology, art, design, literature, architecture…
Make us dream/wonder/crave/ and hire you….

If you are interested, please contact :

« Drones in the Entertainment Industry. »


« Puy du Fou and ACT have leapfrogged over Disney to become drone technology pioneers. »
A quote by Jack Rouse Associates in their Blog about « Drones in the Entertainment Industry. »

See the full article for more information : HERE


We are looking for a project lighting designer. If you are motivated and have min 3 years of experience we will be glad to hear from you. Please contact & send your portfolio at:


We are looking for a senior lighting designer. If you are motivated and have min 5 years of experience we will be glad to hear from you. Please contact & send your portfolio at:

Job offer : Back-office manager

Job offer : Back-office manager (part-time/ full time)

We are looking for a back-office manager, (F/M) communicative, with good organizational skills, autonomous but also capable to sustain the daily activity of a group of architects having a good sense of initiative in order to facilitate the architects activity, which normally must be properly focused on projects in the field of lighting design.
The principal organizational and administrative tasks:

* Screening incoming calls and correspondence (register phone calls, package management, letters distribution, etc.)
* Provide full secretarial support to Principal/Project Managers and team- Administrative management of daily documents (producing letters, filing and producing project documentation, write administrative e-mails)
* Managing supervisors’ calendars and scheduling appointments, arranging travel plans and itineraries, and compiling documents for travel-related meetings, as well as maintaining Principals’ timesheets
* Follow the financial part of projects in communication and coordination with Seniors; Tracking and monitoring incoming engagements, status of current engagements, and the timetable for completion dates and deadlines of engagements; Write and send the invoices to the clients;
* Organize and classify internal information (holidays, days off, order specific equipment); Update regularly the calendar with: all key meetings, staff holidays; and team absences.
* Select the suppliers, coordinate, supervise and maintain the office supplies of stationery and equipment; recording office expenditure and managing the budget;
* Maintain office services by organizing office operations and procedures; preparing payroll; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems; reviewing and approving supply requisitions; supporting and monitoring clerical functions
* Organize internal meetings based on the necessities of architects group; may include typing the agenda and taking minutes
* Occasionally, give support in the preparation of documents relating to the call for tenders, call for proposals, grants, etc.)
* Overseeing the recruitment of new staff, sometimes including training and induction;
* Creating and maintaining database and spreadsheet files; Develop and implement new administrative systems to better organize and support the designer’s activities.

* Ability to organize independently;
* Good sense of initiative and communicative;
* Bilingual / trilingual: EN / FR / NL;
* Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word), Google Docs, Email and Web use, Social Media and Web 2.0 tools. Other competences are considered an asset)
* Previous experience as office manager/assistant is an important asset;

Available at short notice.
Living in Belgium
Previous experience as office manager with secretarial support and clerical capacity within a professional environment essential.
Graduate standard of Education
Strong MSOffice skills
Passion for Architecture / Design
Solid work history
Proven diary management / secretarial skills
We require an enthusiastic and competent Administrator to fill this fast paced and varied role. The candidate should be comfortable communicating at all levels and seek to become an integral part of the team.

Please contact & send your portfolio at:

Diplomatic World

diplomatic world


On Friday 17, October at the PLDC Conference in Istanbul, Koert Vermeulen will be a key speaker with the topic on « The big picture: working on complex projects ». More info here.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Nationa(a)l & creation of an original lighting scenography for this great event !

Have a look at the National Pop Up Store program & meet us there



We were commissioned by SIGP La Plagne for the feasibility study and proposal of the basic & advanced functional and event lighting of the BOB Experience – The Olympic Bobsleigh Track.

For the very first time, our team went for the extreme sensations and experience the venue from the users’ point of view. From now on – we’re true fans!

Conversations with lighting designers

Darkness is more important now than ever

Le Puy Du Fou

Koert Vermeulen a Key Speakers at PLDC 2013

La Cinéscénie – Le Puy du Fou

We are hiring – Project Designer / Senior Designer

Elite Model World Final – Shanghai

Amsterdam Light Festival – OVO

Tree Rings 2012


Tree Rings

OPENING EVENT: 21st of November, 2012 – Come to meet us!

Lights on 2012

Koert Vermeulen will be a keynote speaker at « Lights on 2012″ in Sao Paulo, Brazil Event organized by Philips.

OVO Switch On Beijing


In Chinese traditions, before any distinction of heaven and earth, chaos itself looked like an egg. After 18,000 years, the egg-chaos opened: the heavy elements formed the Earth (Yin), light and pure elements formed Heaven (Yang).

The double helix has a clear similarity in shape with the line that parts black and white yin-yang symbol. Drawn vertically, the double spiral suggests complementarity between Heaven and Earth, the celestial and terrestrial poles, descending and ascending phases in conjunction with the two streams of cosmic force.

Meet Your Creator – Quadrotor Show

Just What Are the Responsibilities of a Producer…?